Jalpa Gajria

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Jalpa is a licensed realtor who combines her vast experience with her industry knowledge & expertise. Today, she brings her proven track record of exceptional business practices and client services to Dubai Real Estate, helping not only buyers & sellers navigate the housing market; but also, real estate professionals to adopt best practices within the industry; encouraging integrity & transparency at all times.

The growth here is explosive, and it is a really exciting tie for Dubai Real Estate” says Jalpa. “It’s a place that provides opportunities for individuals across diverse ethnicity. With great initiatives from the Dubai Land Department & IEREI as an educational institution combined with morals and a deep sense of community, I’m honored to be able to help individuals who want to excel in every form of art of Real Estate

Jalpa holds a Bachelors Degree from Southern New Hampshire University, USA. Aside from family, faith and business, Jalpa’s greatest passion is giving back to the community. “Doors have opened for me at different times in my life & I strive daily to do the same for others” she says. From spearheading a business, to saying plugged into identify the right opportunities for individuals and real estate professionals alike – allow her to put her skills to work for you.